Play Sinergy Reveals Pending Acquisition Of Aruze Gaming America’s Slot Operations

Today, July 17, Play Sinergy, an Empire Technological Group, a flagship developer of live table games based in Las Vegas, disclosed the pending acquisition of Aruze Gaming America’s slot operations, involving online gaming and land-based slots. In addition, the pending acquisition comes after Aruze filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February and after it revealed it would close its head office in August.

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Play Sinergy is positive that, although the acquisition stays subject to regulatory and court approvals, the purchase agreement will be completed within the next 30 days. Once finished, the addition of these operations and related personnel will notably improve the company’s presence in the gaming industry. In addition, it will take responsibility and control of the associated services, sales, support, and operations of Aruze’s slot route and management.

However, the firm recognizes that these new conditions may be upsetting to Aruze’s current customers and wishes to assure each of them that “its team, including those that will be joining it from Aruze, are committed to a smooth transition along with a focus on excellence in customer service.” Moreover, Play Synergy is looking to add new clients to the existing community in Las Vegas and other communities with Aruze operations in the status of re-employment efforts. Moreover, Play Synergy wants to add new clients to the existing Las Vegas community and other communities, with Aruze operations of the status of reemployment efforts. In this regard, Mr. Frank Feng, President of Play Synergy, showed optimism, saying: “Aruze, Play Synergy, and all other stakeholders in the process have worked exceptionally well together to provide the vast majority of Aruze team members with new employment opportunities. This along with interest from others in the industry has had the result of minimizing the disruption to those impacted and their families.”

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Gambling entertainment solutions created in the Aruze Gaming chambers are really something else – the company is one of the best in the whole world, and the way they design, develop, and craft their content is recognized across many markets. Their content is cutting-edge, high-quality, modern, and unique, containing up-to-date technologies and designs. Developers prepare the content with the player in mind, working on ensuring the best possible gaming experience.

The company’s solutions tend to be fun, quality, and unique – table games combine well-known and loved traditional games and modern twists that increase the excitement while playing. One of the most popular games is Roll to Win Craps.

The company was founded 40 years ago, back in 1983. The number 40 seems to be its number since it expanded to about 40 countries worldwide. Aruze possesses licenses for over 200 regulated markets, and its content solutions and cutting-edge themed slot games are successful in all of them. The vast network of partners adds to the value, making the company one of the best in the whole world.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Play Synergy, an Empire Technological Group Company (ETG or EMPIRE) is widely-known for its portfolio of engaging live table games.