Phil Hellmuth defeats Tom Dwan in High Stakes Duel matchup

The latest High Stakes Duel matchup between Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan has come to an end, with Hellmuth earning the victory. The competitive matchup is always fun to watch and Round 3 of the duel was no exception. Both of the poker pros are legends in the game, enjoying going head-to-head to see who can come out on top.

Seeking Another Win

‘Poker Brat’ Phil Hellmuth really wanted to win the third round of the High Stakes Duel III due to his one loss against Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan in August 2021. He was 7 and 0 before the loss and wanted to add another check to the win column. So far, Hellmuth has been s haha777 uccessful in the high stake’s challenges against Antonio Esfandiari, Nick Wright, and Daniel Negreanu.

Dwan bought into the matchup with $100,000 and didn’t have to put any money into Round 3. For Hellmuth, he lost Round 2, so he had to add $200,000 to be back at the felt, according to PokerNews. This put the total pot for the match at $400,000.

The match took place at the ARIA with the PokerGO Studio hosting the two players as they battle on the felt. Both players are tough competitors so it would not be an easy feat and of course, the heads-to-head would take some time to complete.

In the beginning, the two players were tight with gameplay and there were no large pots to be seen. Each of the game stages were pretty quiet for the most part.

Ending the Duel

The two battled basically the same as they always did. The only difference this time around is that Dwan was unable to maintain a good lead throughout the event. Hellmuth began to gain ground at one point when the board fell 7-4-10-A and he checked with K-10 of hearts. Dwan had K-2 of diamonds and Hellmuth decided to check-raise and was called.

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The nine of spades on the river caused both poker players to check and Dwan was not able to keep up his bluff, giving Hellmuth the hand and 50,000 in chips. This helped to extend his lead and set him up to eventually take down the win.

On the last hand of the night, Dwan would hold pocket 8s and raise to 7,000. Hellmuth was all-in with 70,000 holding A-K off-suit. The board fell 5-2-K-6-6, giving Hellmuth the hand with the top pair. Now that it is over, Hellmuth cannot cash out his winnings unless he wins another match.

Immediately after, Dwan said he would challenge Hellmuth again. If they do go head-to-head one more time, Dwan will need to pay $400,000 to compete. This would double the total prize pool to $800,000.