Ohio sports betting delayed until January 2023

Sports betting is coming to Ohio, it’s just going to take a while. The Ohio Casino Control Commission recently announced that services will begin near January 1, 2023, the deadline lawmakers put into place last year.

A couple of lawmakers in the state have suggested that the industry could launch in October for NFL games and the World Series in baseball, but that is apparently not the case. In a meeting with the Commission last week, Executive Director Matt Schuler said it would take more time to finish the work needed to get the industry up and running.

Thousands of Anticipated License Applications

Jessica Franks, a spokeswoman for the commission, stated that the start date should be close to January of next year and thousands of license applications are expected. Around 3,000 to be exact. Each of the license applications will need to be investigated to ensure the potential operator is in compliance with the state’s rules and regulations before any approval is given.

This will take time of course if the state receives that many applications. The state will provide nine different types of licenses for sports betting and there are now three windows in which the applications can be submitted.

Starting on June 15, the state will accept up to 25 online sportsbooks which will be Type A licensing. Up to 40 retail licenses will be up for grabs, which is Type B. This type applies to the state’s racinos, casinos, and professional sports teams.

Type C licenses will also be accepted at this time. This option is for operators of kiosks and includes restaurants and bars. Mobile management service providers can also apply and these companies will be working with Type A and B license holders. Suppliers can also submit an application at this time.

The next Round Starts in July

By July 15, the second application window will begin. The state will accept second-designated mobile management service providers or those who want to have a second partnership to offer sports betting with an online provider in the Type A category. Type C gaming hosts can also fill out applications if they are already doing business with the lottery and want to add as many as two kiosks to their property.

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The third licensing window will begin 60 days before the start date for sports betting in Ohio. The official date for sports betting to begin is expected to come bet646 June 1. The third round includes sports-book employee licensing.

Sportsbooks are required to employ individuals with licensing and submit a responsible gaming plan, plus house rules and equipment tests to regulators in the state 60 days before services begin.