London’s Iconic Crockfords Casino Closes After 195 Years For The Lack of High Rollers

Crockfords Casino, the iconic London property owned by the Genting gaming group, closes after 195 years of operations. The legendary home to high rollers closes over the owner’s allegations that the city of London fails to attract premium gamblers from around the world.

Legendary High Rollers Venue Closes:

The Crockfords Casino has hosted exclusive clientele of aristocracy and royalty for almost two centuries to be now closed as the pandemic and other circumstances continue to take their toll. As reported by Daily Mail, the casino representatives blame the so called ”tourist tax” which terminated the VAT reimbursements to foreign tourists’ purchases when the UK left the European Union in 2021.The measure reportedly put off many tourists from visiting the UK and also irreparably hit the Crockfords destination.

The casino reportedly went through hard times during the pandemic that coincided with the ”Brexit” but the owners consider that London does not seem attractive to foreign tourists ready to spend huge amounts in the UK capital’s casinos. In any case, Crockfords Casino, a hot spot located in the central London’s prestigious Mayfair area, has spun its last circle and rolled its last die after more than 195 years of operation, as Daily Mail rep lodi291 orts.

”End of An Era”:

The legendary £80 million Mayfair casino site is currently pending the owners’ decision about the future. As around 100 people have been employed in the casino, they are now reportedly facing redundancies or transfers to other casinos within the Genting group. According to the source, Paul Willcock, president of Genting Casinos UK, said that the closure closure of Crockfords was the ”end of an era.”

He reportedly said: ”There is a combination of factors which have put high-end London casinos at a competitive disadvantage to other global market places and this has led to an unsustainable future for Crockfords in Mayfair.”

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Losing Customers To Other Gambling Centers:

As reported by Daily Mail,  the casino was founded in 1828 as a private members gaming club for the society’s elite. Over the years, the Crockfords Casino moved to the heart of Mayfair to attract high rollers from around the world. But the iconic property faced difficulties to maintain operations during the pandemic when high-end casinos like The Ritz and The Clermont were forced to shut down.

As the source reports, London has been losing customers out to other world gambling centers in recent years. The Genting group’s allegations that the city of London does not attract foreign tourists come after the closure of the historic Crockfords Casino high-roller hub after almost 200 hundred years of operations.