Law Firm Unites Victims of the Caesars Data Breach

Levi & Korsinsky, a prominent law firm, has united individuals affected by the recent Caesars Rewards Casino data breach to participate in a potential lawsuit. The cyberattack compromised the personal information of more than 65 million Caesars Rewards members, raising concerns of potential fraud and identity theft. However, it is yet unclear whether the victims can receive compensation.

The Firm Will Help Protect Customer Rights

Levi & Korsinsky is inviting individuals who have received notifications regarding the data breach to get in touch. The law firm stressed that participation in this process carries no cost or obligation. Levi & Korsinsky will ascertain whether those impacted by the breach are eligible for compensation and may pursue legal action.

The potential compensation concerns Caesars Rewards members who received an official notice regarding the data breach involving their personal information. Cyberattacks of this nature often contain malicious intent, as hackers may seek to sell the stolen data on the dark web, engage in identity theft, or commit financial fraud. Companies may bear responsibility for not adequately safeguarding their customers’ privacy in such cases.

This announcement comes amid a series of data breaches that have affected companies in the gaming and e mnl168 ntertainment industry. MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment have faced class-action lawsuits alleging their failure to protect customer data. Levi & Korsinsky’s involvement may herald a turning point for these legal battles as the company possesses substantial experience with such cases.

Cyberattacks Are an Everpresent Danger

A recent Microsoft report tied the cyberattacks against Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International to a broader hacker collective known as Octo Tempest. The attackers are infamous for many successful attempts on wealthy individuals’ wealth and assets. A Bloomberg report alleged that Caesars paid millions to the attackers to preserve critical company data.

Despite the hacking incidents and following legal actions, Caesars and MGM have reported impressive financial results for the respective quarters following the data breaches. Caesars revealed consistent growth in land-based and online operations, contributing to its total net revenue of nearly $3 billion.

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While the hacking debacle temporarily affected some venues, business has returned to normal.
The ongoing lawsuits highlight the importance of cybersecurity measures and proper training. Groups like Octo Tempest primarily rely on social engineering to obtain vital credentials and gain access to restricted systems. The recent attacks represent a costly wake-up call for the gambling industry as leading operators scramble to update their protocols at the risk of another major breach.