Internet Vikings gets approval to launch Multi-Tenant Cloud hosting product in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanian local authorities have approved Internet Vikings, an award-winning global iGaming hosting provider, to launch its Multi-Tenant Cloud hosting product in the state. The latest product deployment is another item on the provider’s checklist being marked off along the way of expanding the volume of Internet Vikings’ customers and services in the U.S. iGaming and online sports betting market.

Experienced market player:

Internet Vikings has been in the market since 2008. With the head office in Stockholm and over 50 employees in five countries, the company has grown ever since to become the iGaming and sports betting provider recognized worldwide.  The company’s portfolio includes, among other services, cloud hosting across the key world markets.

Vikings’ services like hosting colocation, VMware hosting, managed hosting, and SEO hosting have been backed up by its Maltese subsidiary, where the provider’s replication servers are kept to enable undisturbed and smooth operations.

Lucrative Pennsylvanian expansion approved:

These are now expanded to Pennsylvania with the approval of local authorities and Rickard Vikström, Founder and CEO at Internet Vikings expressed his content with ”the authorization from Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to operate (the company’s) Multi-Tenant Cloud hosting services in the state of Pennsylvania.”

The CEO’s content may arise from the fact that Pennsylvania is recognized by the iGaming and sports betting industry as one of the more important markets for Pennsylvania is among the few jurisdictions permitting the entire online wagering scope, i.e., online sports betting, online casino, and online poker. Another attractive fact is derived from statistics showing that the state is constantly ranked among the five states with the highest revenue generated in the industry.

“This latest advancement is not only an important gain for Internet Vikings”, Rickard Vikström added. “It enables our company to address the global hardware shortage currently faced by the industry, which in its turn gives a competitive advantage to our clients allowing for a quicker time to enter the American market.”

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Adding value to iGaming and sports betting:

Internet Vikings has followed the U.S. market trends and continuously developed solutions to match the specific requirements of each U.S. state as the most secure way of expanding its footprint in the U.S. market. As a result of this strategy, Internet Vikings now covers more than 20 local d ufa888 ata centers across 18 U.S. states, including the latest Pennsylvanian expansion.

Kristoffer Ottosson, Internet Vikings’ Chief Operating Officer, concluded: “We want to continue adding value to iGaming and online sports betting businesses across the U.S. with our extensive understanding of the market and reliable cloud hosting options. Expanding our service offerings in Pennsylvania is a big step forward for us, and the team looks forward to welcoming new clients and partnerships.” –