HLTV’s Latest Award Show Hailed as the Best One Yet

The HLTV Award Show 2022 presented by 1XBET, was an unparalleled esports awards event that took place on January 14. The event was visited by major CS:GO esports celebrities and was met with universal acclaim.

HLTV Elevated Esports to a New Level

The HLTV Award Show 2022 was the world’s biggest esports award show and was watched live by as many as 250,000 fans. It saw the best-performing CS:GO players awarded for their efforts, helping them feel gratified while providing esports enthusiasts with extra chances to watch their favorites on screen.

During the 2022 edition (which took place in early 2023), HLTV, for the first time, provided awards to the best female player and team. The latest edition of the event was also hailed as the best one yet attracting over 250,000 viewers on Twitch.

During the event, the famous esports pro Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev made history by getting crowned best player of the year for the third year in a row. He was among the many who believe that the HLTV Award Sho bet646 w 2022 “elevated esports to a new level” and thanked HLTV for its dedication to the CS:GO community and commitment to esports as a whole.

The event was supported by Better Collective, HLTV’s ownership group, which is a global sports betting media group with a keen interest in esports.

The event’s size attested to the growing popularity of esports, a vertical which, according to Statista, is yet to unfold its full potential. The analytics firm believes that there will be as many as 318 million esports fans in the world by 2025. At that time, there will also be 322.7 million occasional viewers, Statista believes.

HLTV Is the Most Influential CS:GO Esports Site

However, HLTV was founded much earlier, many years before esports was the global phenomenon it is today. What is now the leading esports community was founded as a humble CS-oriented company in 2002. Two decades later and HLTV is now the to-go source for everything CS:GO. Fans can visit the site to learn about the latest esports developments, see rankings and check data.

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Seven years after its creation, HLTV added a statistics section to its website. This quickly inspired competitive players to give their best, while allowing fans to check the best players. Eventually, HLTV introduced its World Top 20 ranking, turning it into an annual event for CS:GO fans. During the event, various prizes are awarded. Some of the categories include best player of the year, best team of the year, highlights of the year, etc.

HLTV is also the company behind the official CS:GO World Ranking and the CS:GO Player of the Year Award. The site is frequented by some 5+ million users a month.