Game Lounge Rebranded JapaneseCasino Website to JAPACASI

Game Lounge, an iGaming affiliate with over 130 websites across more than 30 countries, announced a rebranding of its website in Japan as the business is focusing more on local customers.

Reflect Tendency toward Word Blends

Game Lounge’s JapaneseCasino affiliate website changed its name to JAPACASI to reflect the existing tendency towards word blends among Japanese users and to facilitate customer engagement.

Jonas Cederholm, chief executive officer of Game Lounge, stressed the crucial role localization plays for an international business operating in many different countries such as Game Lounge, outlining that though local considerations have “always been at the forefront” of the SEO-based affiliate, the company felt it “could go further by rebranding and redesigning.”

“At Game Lounge, we are privileged to have seven Japanese working for the company, and it made sense for us to listen to the team and work on how we should adapt to attract more local punters with our understanding of the nuances of the market,” Cederholm concluded.

The new brand and design will focus more on the current Kawaii characters present in the brand after the Japanese nationals from Team Japan advised the management of the Malta-based iGaming affiliate that the Japanese are accustomed to animated banners, clashing colors, and vivid images.

Explaining the reasoning behind the decision, site manager for Japan Rika M outlined that Game Lounge’s partner casinos provided them with feedback “about the type of advertising they want for their brands” to help the affiliate come up with a new website “that has better conversion elements” in the local market.

More Nice Characters

The new name and design of the Game Lounge’s Japanese online casino website are expected to build on its established collection of Kawaii characters which became mascots for the brand, helping locals recognize it on the market, while also helping the brand resonate with local culture.

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Founded in 2011 as a performance-based online marketing business with a focus on the gambling industry, Game Lounge initially expanded its portfolio in the Nordic region and Europe, and in 2016, launched its Japanese website to become the first affiliate to enter the Japanese market on a professional level.


After initially acquiring a 51% stake in Game Lounge in 2015, Cherry AB acquired the remaining stake in the iGaming affiliate business in 2018.

Among the latest acquisitions made by Game Lounge was which was purchased from Innovative Game Solutions Partnership for a total consideration of €1 million ($1.05 million) plus add-ons earlier in the year.