Flows Adds Ibex.ai to Adjust Bonus Spend, Set KPI and Boost Partner Businesses

Ibex.ai will help Flows through innovative machine-learning tools and solutions to help businesses improve their marketing, reduce costs, and boost engagement across the board. As part of Flows, Ibex.ai will allow partner businesses to significantly improve their retention while minimizing the friction of integration and manual data exchange efforts.

Flows and Ibex.ai Deliver on ML Solutions

Flows uses a pre-built template that allows everything to activate with, as the company puts it, “a single click.” Basically, Flows partners are offered automated integration solutions that should provide businesses with further strong benefits across the board.

Among the solutions and features available thanks to Ibex and Flows will be options such as a bonus optimization tool and built-in calculators that help estimate full profit-loss on players, further strengthening’s responsibility towards their customers, and also contributing to their bottom line.

These solutions are built to be error-proof and free of “human error” suggesting that Ibex and Flows are confident in the ML algorithms that drive these solutions. Businesses can tap into a trove of data points that will allow them set realistic KPIs for their operations and scale. The news was welcomed by executives at both companies.

Ibex.ai head of business development Thomas Aigner said that the company was indeed excited to be teaming up with Flows and t ufa888 heir no-code automation platform that offers excellent experience to both businesses such as Ibex.ai and the partners that stand to benefit from the final product.

Reducing Bonus Costs and Boosting Profitability

The resulting product in this case, Aigner explained, is a manual journey control when necessary, along with automated retention activities. Aigner added:

We are looking forward to seeing the first results from operators taking advantage of our pre-built journeys.

Ibex.ai head of business development Thomas Aigner

Flows CEO James King was similarly excited to see this new partner join the platform and provide partners with access to a great and market-leading enhanced ML solution to help with bonus spending and boost profitability.

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“Our partnership highlights further our drive to offer customers the most agnostic solution on the market, as we enable them to have a choice over who they work with and how they work with them and orchestrate seamlessly between systems through Flows,” King said.