CS:GO League FLASHPOINT Picks Pinnacle as Official Betting Partner

The CS:GO team-owned FLASHPOINT League has recently announced that it has decided to go with Pinnacle as its official esports betting provider. The FLASHPOINT league was co-founded by then of the top CS:GO esports organizations and was highly anticipated since it was announced. Some of the popular esports organizations that founded the league include Gen. G, Cloud9, and Dignitas.

What the Partnership Deal Entails

As per the terms of the agreement, Pinnacle will from now on be the main sponsor of all the pre-show activities in the FLASHPOINT League. The company will play a monumental role in the production of both the predictions as well as the poll plans for the league’s games. In addition to that, Pinnacle will be bringing its extensive experience in the world of sports betting to the league. As such, fans of CS:GO and esports betting will be treated to a wide range of In-Play betting services once the league kicks off.

According to the founders of the league, the partnership with Pinnacle was in line with their vision for a CS:GO league that is not only sustainable but also very profitable. They believe that with Pinnacle’s help they can grow the league and make it not only one 291bet of the most entertaining leagues in the world but also a platform for future generations of gamers to grow.

Naturally, this will require a higher level of engagement and Pinnacle is going to give the FLASHPOINT league the opportunity to engage with the users in some unprecedented ways.

Pinnacle’s Esports Betting Interests

Prior to becoming the FLASHPOINT Leagues official esports betting partner, Pinnacle had already had a taste of what the esports market could offer. For instance, in early 2019, the company became the official betting partner of the Esports Championship Series (ECS). There have been several other lucrative partnerships and developments in that regard as the company strives to extend its footprint across all sports-related verticals.

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Clearly, the passion that Pinnacle has for esports cannot be denied and this is quite important for the nascent but rapidly growing sector. Esports betting is rapidly growing across the planet and thanks to brands like Pinnacle, the gas on that growth has just been hit.

“At the very outset we were aligned in our goals of helping the industry grow and the esports community thrive. We’ve built a solid track record, and we’re very excited about what the next chapter has in store.”

Paris Smith, the chief executive of Pinnacle.

Needless to say, Pinnacle itself stands to gain quite a bitas the esports gambling market continues to grow. Being a major part of theFLASHPOINT League will definitely be a neat addition to its already very impressiveresume.