Betway and BLAST Premier Extend Deal by Two Years

The global online gambling company Betway has extended its partnership with the famous esports event organizer BLAST Premier. With the deal extended, the two parties’ collaboration will continue through the 2023 Counter-Strike season.

Betway and BLAST Re-Sign Deal

As per the deal, Betway’s branding will continue to be present during all seven of BLAST Premier’s 2022 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events and will be included in BLAST’s digital media and broadcasts. The two partners will work on various activations, including social giveaways and fan-led content.

Furthermore, the operator will continue to support BLAST in creating new custom CS:GO maps that both esports athletes and gaming fans can enjoy. Betway will also power the Power Picks Prediction segment during BLAST’s events.

BLAST and Betway’s have worked together for four years. With the agreement between the two extended, their relationship will enter its fifth year.

Betway Remains Committed to Esports

Oliver Clarke, BLAST’s head of brand partnerships, is delighted to have Betway on board for two more years. He is glad that the collaboration between the two companies will continue for more than half a decade and believes that the two have grown to have a symbiotic relationship.

According to Clarke, Betway has an integral role in the BLAST Premier experience. He noted that the operator has been truly dedicated to supporting esports and the CS:GO scene in particular. Clarke thanked the betting company for its commitment.

“We’re really looking forward to continuing to work closely with them to elevate the partnership furt 291bet her over the next two years, with added focus on premium content and fan-led experiences.”

Adam Savinson, the esports director of Betway, reaffirmed Clarke’s words, saying that Betway is committed to esports and is glad to work with BLAST. Savinson is proud that the relationship between BLAST and Betway has grown to be a leading one within the esports sector.

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Savinson added that he is overjoyed that the two parties have renewed their agreement and are looking forward to continued collaboration.

Betway is one of the gambling operators that have chosen to trust the potential of esports as a competitive discipline worth betting on. The operator already has a number of partnerships with various esports bodies.

A month ago, Betway extended its partnership with the South American organization Beastcoast. In May 2021, the operator signed a sponsorship deal with another team, namely the Brazilian esports organization FURIA. In March, Betway once again demonstrated its intentions to support esports by penning an agreement with PSG.LGD.