$5K Freeroll by 888poker to Celebrate 100K YouTube Subscribers

The occasion calls for a special event, and 888poker has definitely risen up to it. Fans should pay close attention to the channel as the celebration nears.

Celebrating an Important Milestone

The tournament will be held on February 4 at 20:30 GMT, so make sure you’re tuned in to the YouTube channel for more details on how to enter. Players will be given the option to earn free money with a share of the $5,000, and it’s all because of the 100,000 subscriber milestone. The password for the freeroll will be exclusively shared in the channel’s “Community” tab.

The content 888poker has been releasing seems to be catching people’s attention, which is great news not only for the channel but for the market niche as well. If poker was a shady game only a select few understood just a few short decades ago, it has now grown into a multifaceted centerpiece for various content and attracts the interest of many.

The channel offers a variety of related content, ranging from poker tutorials to the Ask a Poker Pro series which answers some of the toughest questions about the game. This hasn’t come at the expense of beginner-friendly content, however, as there is also the Made to Learn series on the channel, for example, which shares tips helpful to everyone.

The Focus Friday series offers explanations of phl63 the nitty-gritty details of specific strategies, tournaments and concepts, for example. So, the range of the offered content is truly all-encompassing, which is to be expected from the people who are familiar with the company behind 888poker – 888 Holdings – and its vast international experience and player knowledge.

Parent Company Also Doing Well

The parent company itself hasn’t been on the up-and-up lately, though. It posted somewhat disappointing Q4 results last month, which resulted in the chief financial officer’s stepping down. The explanation was related to some new regulations in the UK online market, but the company said it was well-equipped to handle the situation and resolve it.

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Part of that might stem from 888’s US expansion strategy, which received an overhaul a little over a month prior during the Capital Markets Day (CMD) that 888 Holdings held in the last days of November 2022. The company’s introduced plans recognized the high competitiveness of the market and adjusted the company’s trajectory accordingly.

The beginning of Q2 2022 saw 888 Holdings approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, marking the company’s entry into Canada as well. Strong expansion doesn’t pair well with strong profitability, so money flows after the wheel has started turning. This, coupled with the company’s strong positions makes outlooks rather positive.